Kegel was founded in 1981 by John Davis, Linda Davis, and David Jennings.  At that time, Kegel had designed a small hand operated cleaning tool named “The Key”, which they manufactured at a time in David’s garage.  Kegel has grown into a worldwide organization with several product divisions, over 100 employees, and a specially designed 72,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility and a 33,000 sq. ft. facility located in Lake Wales, Florida.  

Kegel  designs and manufactures the world's best lane conditioning machines, replacement parts, and other specialized machinery products.

Kegel Bowling Technologies - This division develops and blends conditioners and cleaners that are used in our lane conditioning machines as well as other areas in bowling.

Lane Maintenance Central® - Regarded by many as the best in the industry, LMC provides telephone support, e-mail support, educational seminars, workshops, and on-site support to bowling centers and distributors throughout the world.

Kegel Pinsetter Parts - The Pinsetter Parts division was launched in 2012 and combines innovative designs with high quality materials to produce parts for the A2 and GS Pinsetters.

Kegel Machining Services - A full-service machine shop is available for a variety of projects that include; milling and turning, EDM, reverse engineering, tool and die work, engraving, media blasting, or deburring. The division can handle small one-piece specialty items to production quantities.

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